The Benefits of Himalayan Sea Salt

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How it can improve your well-being.himalayan_pink_salt

Health and wellness are hot topics today. Our conversations are full of stories about the effects of technology, electromagnetic fields, smart meters, GMOs, medications, sitting indoors, depression and addictions. We are starting to pay more attention to our health as news of devastating disease becomes commonplace. Young people are eager to avoid the health traps of aging. And there are many options for dealing with these dilemmas.

How do we know what is really good for us? And how can we feel well without having to add a myriad of new things to our already crazy-busy to-do lists? What will give us the biggest bang for our buck?

Many of us have become so busy trying to make ends meet or focusing on what we think will make us happy that we put our health in the background until it hollers for attention. We ignore the symptoms of dis-ease, masking them with medications until we can’t ignore them any longer. Is it possible to change this cycle? Can we do so with simplicity and ease?

Himalayan sea salt has been receiving much attention lately. As it’s being used in more and more foods, word is spreading through mainstream marketing. But we’ve all heard that cutting back on salt is part of the solution to heart disease, which is rampant. Why would we add salt back into our bodies? Salt is actually crucial to our health. It is the key to opening cells; without it we cannot absorb the water we drink.

So what are the benefits of Himalayan sea salt?

First let’s look at ions. Positive ions are light and capable of floating, carrying with them allergens, bacteria and even some molds. Negative ions cause positive ions to clump together and become heavy enough to fall to the ground, thus neutralizing the problem. This is why negative ions are used in air purifiers.

In nature, we find negative ions in lightning, which is why the air feels so clean after an electrical storm—especially powerful when combined with sunshine. Falling water also produces negative ions, explaining our alertness after our morning shower.

Himalayan salt lamps attract moisture in the air, quickly heating it up to evaporation and charging the air molecule with an extra electron. This causes a cleansing effect, improving the quality of the air we breathe. This alone allows for a better oxygen supply in our blood, creating a healthier environment for both our organs and our brains. It also boosts serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter.

Now let’s take a quick look at water. The systems we use to purify it take out all of the bad stuff, but unfortunately also remove traces of the minerals that our bodies require. When we ingest Himalayan sea salt, which contains 84 toxin-free minerals, we introduce these trace minerals into our bodies. Adding it to food aids digestion, reduces acid reflux and helps our intestines to absorb minerals while balancing the pH levels in our bodies.

What if we add it to water? Gargle with it if you wish, but the best option is using it in a warm, relaxing bath. You not only get the detoxifying results that other salts offer, you also absorb the minerals to replenish and refresh you. Soaking in these minerals eases sore muscles and stimulates circulation, allowing healing. And counter to what you might think, sea salt adds moisture to your skin rather than drying it out, because it allows your skin to absorb water better. You can also use it to replace soap in your shower or laundry.

Imagine a powerful detox agent that leaves your body energized and refreshed. Himalayan sea salt is exactly that. When you begin to use high-quality Himalayan sea salt in a variety of ways, you will notice a shift in the air you breathe, the food you eat and your environment. Always look for high-quality food-grade salt, regardless of whether you are ingesting it, soaking in it or using it as a lamp. Imitation lamps filled with more resin than high-quality salt do not offer the same benefits.

Use this information as a starting point to research and explore how beneficial Himalayan sea salt can be for you.

Born and raised in Grande Prairie, Janet Lofstrom operates Essentially U Weight Loss & Wellness. As a nutrition coach and body beautiful practitioner, she shares techniques she has used to improve her own health. Creating a safe space, she empowers you to become essentially you.

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