Honeybees Are Essential to Crop Production

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Why we need to protect nature’s pollinators.

Take a look at these five fascinating facts about Canada’s robust honeybee industry:honeybee

Fact #1: As pollinators, bees are vital to our food chain. Honeybees are responsible for pollinating a third of the food we eat.

Fact #2: Bee colonies in Canada have increased by 24 percent since 2008. In 2013, we had 8,483 beekeepers and 672,094 colonies. Over 75 of those colonies reside in Western Canada.

Fact #3: Bees are vitally important to the sustainability of our agriculture by contributing nearly $2 billion to crop pollination in this country alone.

Fact #4: More than half the bee colonies in Canada (approximately 300,000) contribute annually to the pollination of canola.

Fact #5: Approximately 80,000 colonies provide pollination services to the Canadian hybrid seed canola industry, 35,000 colonies are used to pollinate blueberries and 15,000 colonies are used to pollinate apples.


—News Canada

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