Wanderlust Yoga Festival

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Finding my true north.1

My heart was blown open and the amount of gratitude overwhelming my blissed-out soul was indescribable. The word that continuously rolled through my mind was community. Loving and being loved is a simple trade that naturally puts the world in motion, a beautiful notion of karma and its symmetry. What you are the world is, and at Wanderlust Festival Whistler, I was nothing but my purest, most authentic self in a village of euphoria.

Each day, any egotistical persona was wisped away as I strolled through the village of Whistler, surrounded by majestic mountains, live music, first-class vibrations and smiling yogis. Expectations and judgments blew past as my heart felt like it was skipping through Disneyland.

The Soulscape class with Gina Caputo and DJ Drez kicked off the weekend with an inspirational integration of music and yoga, creating a playful community of laughter with a blend of breath and vinyasa flow. DJ Drez said, “Our mother’s heartbeat is the first beat we ever hear. Before we are born, we are kicking, we are dancing— it is instinct. Go with the flow and listen to the beat.” This transcendental experience was only the beginning of my meditative adventure.

3With a wide variety of live entertainment, including Nahko Bear and Medicine for the People, MC Yogi, Michael Franiti and the High and Mighty Brass Band, my feet couldn’t stop moving as my heart danced into the clouds.

We meditated on a mountain surrounded by cellos and love. Then my cheeks went numb and I grew a rock-solid six-pack at laughter yoga. Rolling on my back, crying in laughter—I never thought I could laugh so hard over nothing. Happiness truly is contagious, and if I had one wish in the world, it would be for everyone to become involved in laughter yoga.

A true journey and mental practice, yoga has evolved and shifted my perspective in every part of this beautiful life. My spiritual side was awakened every time Seane Corn’s harmonic voice led us in a Sun Salutation: “Inhale to the Father. Exhale to the Mother. Lower to the Earth. Lift to the Sky. Press back a breath into yourself.”

The abundance of beauty and comfort forever running through my veins is so pure it radiates into my surroundings. I will never forget my experience at Wanderlust, and my life will forever be changed because of it. Thank you, Guided Synergy, for giving me the opportunity to walk this beautiful path of openness, propelling myself into a whole new dimension of discovery.

For anyone looking for true bliss, I encourage you to wander and get lost. Express, explore, evolve.

Chloe Szakacs was born and raised in Grande Prairie, Alberta. She teaches yoga in Kelowna, BC. Her passion to makes others’ hearts smile is only one of the many reasons she will forever practice the art of yoga. “I love to love,” she says.2


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