Strategic Diversity

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Girl-leaves-fallRenewed optimism for seasonal opportunities.Samantha-Kane-KennedySamantha Kane-Kennedy

We are back to work in earnest as the fall rolls in. Whether we’re focusing on self-development or business, when the equinox comes, we are at our stations.

While our eagerness bolsters our commitment, it creates potential for overenthusiastic folly. Our intuition is overwhelmed by inventiveness, leading us into unknown terrain and serendipitous happenstance. But there is an imperceptible steadiness to this impulsiveness. It is all good. The excursion provides occurrences we would have otherwise missed.

We might feel disoriented, even though we have landed in the right place. Nurture the correct end result of these synchronicities to create new connections and alliances. Developing a network will fuel the goal-changing commitment emerging within this atmosphere of conversion. Strategic diversity is what is needed.

Our quest opens up in a substantial and very demonstrable way. Our senses are in tune with our intellect, ready to fuel and fix, restore or improve the situations surrounded by the most pressure. Our lack of surety is inevitably replaced by a sense of assurance. We find the answers we seek, and then the details emerge more fully. What we do not know and cannot say will trigger the most pivotal, life-changing resolution. Once deciphered, it is like the seed head of a dandelion; the opportunities will abound in the breeze. We will find the keys that open all possibilities and provide solutions, pieces of the puzzle or missing genius.

Feeling effective comes by November. Slowly but surely, security and stability replace fear and paranoia. The dilemma of extremism, the volatility of the stock market and the troubled oil industry should see more positive trends by this time. We work with renewed confidence because we are more certain about what is best. We are able to look outward, toward the future, with renewed inner fortitude.

Transformation and evolutionary transfiguration are still very strong and will continue for another few years, but the major challenges to the world economy and materialism have not yet clicked into place. We have time to get our values and financial affairs and stock market exit in order before March 2019. Financial values are shifting toward an understanding that there is a “no choice” urgency for investment in new technology as we witness climate and earth change. Our planet and the natural world seriously need it to ensure our survival, and whatever we seriously need will be the investment catchment of the future. Until these trends are revealed, many are putting their investments into more secure holdings.

To change our economic model, the rules and regulations that trap us will need to shift during the years 2019 through 2025 as we invent new ways of thinking. There are solutions to be found at every step between now and then. If we look for them, we will find them.

Samantha-Kane-Kennedy-webSamantha Kane-Kennedy is the owner of Andromeda Astrology. She lives, breathes, eats, sleeps and loves her work. As a practicing vegan, she is focused on health and spirituality and has many years of experience with alternative diet, healing and holistic practitioners.

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