Natural Beauty

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GS-Fall-Feature_page5Interview by Linda Warwick.

Written by Katherine DiPastena.

Carla Green heals from within.

Some people are born to be healers. They radiate positivity and the ability to identify that which is broken and find ways to make it whole again. Carla Green is that kind of person. Her bright, infectious smile and her joyful presence are just two of the qualities that set her apart from the crowd. Beyond that, Green has found her purpose in helping others in ways they may not have known were even possible.

Green grew up in a big family with strong values and a traditional way of life in Cobden, Ontario, a rural community in the Ottawa Valley. Her parents were hardworking Dutch immigrants who gave up everything familiar to explore new opportunities in Canada. Green attributes much of her drive to the strong work ethic of her parents.

In high school, Green discovered a passion for track and field. Her outstanding abilities as a sprinter led her to several large competitions outside of her small community. She fondly recalls the relationship she had with her coach, who went above and beyond in her mentorship. Their friendship carried on into Green’s adulthood, when her coach became her maid of honour, standing by her side on one of the most important days of her life.

Green’s athletic abilities captured the attention of the other coaches in her small high school, but she found it difficult to get excited about team sports, and it took a whole lot of convincing to get her to join the basketball team. This move, seemly insignificant, may have been the reason Green finds herself in her chosen profession today.

A serious injury on the court knocked Green off her feet and tore all the ligaments in her ankle. Her days of running hurdles were over and the road to recovery was long, but it put her directly in the path of her calling. She spent three months in a physiotherapist’s clinic, and there she learned about healing, building strength and treating ailments outside of the confines of traditional medicine.

In 1977, Green applied for the physical therapy program at the University of Alberta, and as luck would have it, a last-minute cancellation allowed her immediate acceptance for the upcoming school year. Leaving home was tough, but she was anxious to learn among the best and brightest. She promised her mother she’d be back in four years. Almost four decades later, she’s still in Alberta.

Green laughs when she recalls the reason she and her husband, Bill, chose to settle in Rocky Mountain House: “We both wanted to live in a small town. Bill is a country boy, and coming from a small town in Ontario, we wanted to find a place that felt like home.” They unfolded a map and more or less pointed at Rocky Mountain House. GS-Fall-Feature_page18

The priority was to find a place where they could open a private clinic and serve the local community in a way that would truly make a difference. Within a few weeks, they found the perfect space, and the overwhelming welcome from local health-care providers was all the reassurance they needed that they had come to the right place.

The joys of motherhood caught Green by surprise. Having children seemed like a nice idea, but her practice was already so fulfilling. It was hard to imagine being able to step back from it to raise a family. But the birth of her first child allowed her to let go. She revelled in being a parent, and after three boys and a girl, the Green family was complete. Although it wasn’t always easy, she found a balance amid the chaos.

“There is no doubt sacrifices were made,” recalls Green, “but we always found a way to either stay home with our children or bring them to the clinic with us when they were young enough.”

The desire to live a healthy lifestyle and help others do the same clearly runs in the family. Today, two of Green’s four children work in the health and wellness industry.

Green’s ability to heal isn’t limited to people. A self-professed animal lover, Green has practiced holistic healing on her family pets with incredible success. A litter of puppies born to one of their dogs contracted canine parvovirus, a highly contagious disease with an incredibly high fatality rate. Green set to work administering acupuncture on the tiny dogs, day after day; against all odds, all but one survived.

Green has found inspiration for living well within her own family. If you’ve ever attended one of her popular seminars, “Secrets of the Exceptionally Healthy,” you know a thing or two about her mother, who at 94 is a testament to the long-term positive effects of simple, healthy living. Strong and independent, she still sings in the choir, is free from prescribed medications and has recently adopted a gluten-free diet to keep her memory as sharp as her physical health.

Although, given her credentials, Green could have found her place working within a local hospital, her clinic allows her to do things her own way—and her track record speaks for itself. Complementary healing isn’t without challenges. Our society is accustomed to traditional medicine and drugs that are Band-Aids for symptoms, so embracing something outside the norm can be a stretch for patients. The truth, says Green, is that many inexpensive and natural remedies are much more effective and less damaging to the body in the long run.

Many of Green’s patients come to her as a last resort because modern medicine has failed them.

“Those are the people,” she says, “who are much more receptive to trying something out of the ordinary.”

One of her most memorable success stories was a young child fighting for her life in a Calgary hospital. Her parents, desperate for an alternative, were referred to Green. Their daughter was scheduled to begin chemotherapy, and they were overwhelmed by the long road ahead. After assessing her condition, Green prescribed a tailored holistic treatment program. Within a few weeks, the little girl’s blood counts improved sufficiently for her to be discharged from the hospital.

Green truly believes that the body has the ability to heal itself.

“Every day, cells die in your body and cells are renewed,” she explains. “The things you fuel your body with are all it has to heal and build new cells. If you eat well and give yourself what you need, your body will thrive. If you do the bare minimum, your body will use whatever it has available. The way you look and feel will be a reflection of that.”

Some say that beauty is only skin deep, but Green argues that it’s quite the opposite.

GS-Fall-Feature_page16_17“The way you look is a reflection of how you feel—it shows what is going on inside, how you are feeling and whether or not your body is getting the nutrients it needs. Looking good isn’t about vanity. It’s about healing yourself from the inside out.”

This is the philosophy behind Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation®, an anti-aging process co-developed in 2003 by Green and her husband. Green first tried it out on herself. The results were astounding, and she couldn’t believe how many people commented on how vibrant she looked. She still does today, at the age of 57. After conducting extensive research and ensuring that the process was something she felt confident about, Green added it to her repertoire of services that help her clients look and feel their best. The process uses micro-current techniques and essential oils for a highly effective, non-surgical defence against aging. It can be used to treat acne scarring, age spots and pigmentation problems, among a wide range of facial imperfections. The Second Chance Facial Rejuvenation training program is open to anyone and is wildly popular, as the process can be used for self-treatment or as an area of self-employment.

Spare time isn’t something that Green has a lot of, but she acknowledges that it’s her own doing. Her passion for her work drives her to continue learning, exploring new healing practices and broadening her horizons in a field that she enjoys every day. She and Bill do make time to travel and be with family whenever possible. When she’s looking for a release, Green says, there is none better than dancing.

Reflecting on her journey, Green views the past with a spirit of gratitude. The obstacles that stood in her way and the challenges that once seemed insurmountable transformed into forks in the road that led her to where she is today. Difficult experiences have been overshadowed by new opportunities for growth. Green is overwhelmed by thankfulness for her family, her career and the ability to help others in the most meaningful way possible: restoring their health to give them a new lease on life.

“Tune in to your inner voice,” she advises. “Never dismiss your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t, but if you have a good feeling, you never know where it might lead.”




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  1. Sounds like u have a very fulfilling life. So nice to hear good things about people from back home. I also was born and raised in Cobden Ontario. I remember u and your family. I wish more people would turn to people like u as apprised to all the drugs that Dr’s prescribe. They r so bad.

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