Spring: The Solar First Quarter

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An optimistic outlook for the new seasonsolar-first-quarter

We have made it; we are beyond the bastions of opposition. Congratulations all around as we spiral forward and upward. The New Moon accompanies the Sun into Aries, which is an ominously positive champion of new beginnings. Everything begins with Aries, a time when things start up again. The three months of spring will be very pleasant and a peacefully prosperous beginning of a new solar cycle.

Overall, a steadying force will be anchored in practical progress. We have traversed all the major astrological bumps. With the dark dynamic behind us and a lessening of intensity, we can resume an accelerated momentum. Prosperity and abundance are once again available. There is obtainable opportunity and a better chance for success, good luck and positive results.

Inspired and focused, we face limitations unemotionally. Released from intervening influences and the need for invincible strategy, we meander more freely. In touch with our core creative fire, we direct our energies into our passion for work, creativity or whatever we find fulfilling. Excited and energized to take direct action, we follow our curiosities and interests, focusing quickly and intensively on any task we are motivated to undertake.

A couple of new cycles are escorting us into the beginning of spring, enhancing our quality of life. Devotion and dedication increase, joining ample amounts of desire, determination and discipline—all the ingredients necessary to create a successful destiny. We have great potential to give birth to powerfully creative ideas and perceptions. Relationships are less strained and enter a new cycle of growth, advancement and shared experience. Taking care of ourselves and our loved ones remains a priority while we do what we can for the many others who are distressed, displaced or disadvantaged.

These influences may help the long-term stability of the oil and gas industry and allow it to rally to some degree in the short term. It is likely that a correction to industry challenges will come before the end of the year. Through the people who work in this industry, I believe we will see adjustments this spring, and a long-term fix by November 2016 is evident. There are many factors involved in such a turnaround, so negotiations and predictions depend upon the actions and will of those affiliated with the industry. The more positive mode of spring will make facing the challenges more feasible.

The negative bombastic surge we experienced from 2012 to early 2015 is over, but although we are on a new course, it takes time for all things to turn around. Critical steps in the process of creating what we wish for this spring include sorting out issues of trust, creating better processes, renegotiating mutual agreements and merging perspectives. All these factors lend themselves to the wholesomeness of the results.

Samantha-Kane-Kennedy-webSamantha Kane-Kennedy is the owner of Andromeda Astrology. She lives, breathes, eats, sleeps and loves her work. As a practicing vegan, she is focused on health and spirituality and has many years of experience with alternative diet, healing and holistic practitioners.


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