More Ways to Communicate with Your Angel Team

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In the Winter 2015 issue, I shared with you how easy it is to use clairsentience and clairaudience to communicate with your angel team. In this issue I will focus on angelic communication through the senses of clairvoyance and claircognizance. As in the previous article, I discuss how my angel team uses these senses with me every day, and I encourage you to set an intention of expanding on this to be creative in working with your own angels.

Clairvoyance means “clear seeing.” I often use the term pictures when talking about this way of communicating with my angel team. My team uses my sight to communicate with me by creating pictures within my mind’s eye or third eye (the terms are synonymous to me). I may repeatedly see instances of symbols like feathers, butterflies, coins, number sequences (such as 11 11) and rainbows. I believe in no coincidence; therefore, as soon as I notice or acknowledge a symbol, I know it is a message from my team. Or I may use the symbol as a tool to remind me to look around my environment and see if I might be missing something. My team also communicates through my dreams with vivid colours, angelic emotions and direct messages through thoughts.

Each archangel communicates in a unique way, and colours and symbols help me to differentiate between them. For example, with Archangel Michael I see purple, and with Archangel Uriel I see a scroll.

Here’s an exercise in using your mind’s eye. Keeping your eyes open, create your kitchen in your mind’s eye. What colours are the countertops, appliances, floor and pictures? Can you see your kitchen with colour and are you able to describe it? Most people are able to do this.

Just as you see your kitchen, my team uses pictures to give me messages. I ask to see a clean white board within my mind’s eye and then they flash pictures for me, either in still form or in movie form. Yes, it is this simple! Only a small percentage of my angel communication through vision is in spirit form. Allow your angel team to show you pictures. Enjoy them!

Claircognizance means “clear knowing.” I refer to this sense as our divine knowing within. I find this sense the hardest to describe because it is so simple in its form. I trust in knowing without having to have proof. Often, this sense is combined with the three others; I know messages to be in truth, feeling, seeing and hearing. I accept the messages I receive from the divine without question or self-doubt. I just know.

Trust what you know without explaining it. Your angel team acknowledges your divine knowing; trust in their support.

As I said in my previous article, you have been receiving messages and guidance from your angel team from the moment you were born. Look for signs that they are communicating with you through these two senses, or ask them to do so.

Cindy Smith is an Angel Empowerment Practitioner™ instructor. With a background in nursing and counselling and a master’s in Time Line Therapy, neurolinguistic programming and Huna training, she is a transformational teacher who empowers all to trust in their own connection with the angels and explore infinite possibilities. Visit


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