2015 Is Set to Thrive

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The start of a new and positive cycle

The new year is ushering in a whole new state of affairs. We are getting away from the disaster-ridden clutches of beleaguered seriousness. This year, the defenders of the future will step up to bring us a more happy-go-lucky way of life. Imbalances and injustices will get some needed attention, and foreign affairs and a world in chaos will be addressed. It might be a bit tentative at first, but once we are underway we will create new structures and boundaries to give us the stability and reassurance we need. Laughter and humour will become instruments of choice and immense healing tools. The next few years will be a period of great enlightenment.

Early on in the year we will get extremely focused and committed to our vision of what is intended. We are on the threshold of a new cycle of constructive social change. This is an important time in history; the political trends and our evolution should be very interesting. Accelerated positivity and exceedingly lucky influences will bring significant progress, and opportunities will become more abundant.

We will be in our element in this creative environment and intricately sensitive to colour, tone and rhythm. This will be a fantastic influence for artists, musicians, dancers, writers, actors and others who usually exist on the fringes of society. Generally, we will be enriched with a universal consciousness that unifies and harmonizes all that is separate and diverse. This humanitarian or spiritualizing influence is stimulated by our ideals and devoted to the service of humanity. We will nourish deep levels of awakening and instinctively support and reclaim ownership of personal power.

As doorways to abundance open, we will realize that our current life is merely a facet of the greater whole of possibilities. So much more will become available. Good energy will flow pleasantly, beneficially and fortunately. Success will be attainable and it will be easier to cope.

There are still a few aftershocks to come from our previous timeframe, but they will calm down and subside once spring is underway. These will be the last in the series. The more flexible and malleable we are, the less we will notice. Continue to let go and learn. There is much to heal and mend, and a great number of people are working behind the scenes to help.

The solar eclipse will mark the equinox, a critical turning point that sets us on a new and promising course. We will be inspired to fix what is broken and invent new methods to surpass old boundaries. Resources will be shared and repurposed or revalued with mindfulness. We have made a breakthrough.

Samantha-Kane-Kennedy-webSamantha Kane-Kennedy is the owner of Andromeda Astrology. She lives, breathes, eats, sleeps and loves her work. As a practicing vegan, she is focused on health and spirituality and has many years of experience with alternative diet, healing and holistic practitioners.


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