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by Suze Case, Hay House Insights – Reviewed by Dan St. Yves

Belief Re-patterning

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I was just starting to make my way through Bob Doyle’s Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power when I got an invite to a Calgary book launch. Happy to support a local author, I attended Suze Casey’s introduction of her transformational Belief Re-patterning, and quickly moved on from my earlier reading, delving instead into Casey’s informational “owner’s manual for the mind.”

Filled with comprehensive techniques to “flip the switch to positive thinking,” this guidebook moves quickly from the author’s personal background in developing her program to the specific nuts and bolts of how you can overcome your fears, find forgiveness and work seamlessly with your inner coach. You’ll even find ways to come to terms with your pesky, deflating inner critic.

After years of wrestling with a chronic illness, Casey was inspired to develop the belief re-patterning technique: “I wondered how I could consciously flip the switch on my inner conversations, and then train my subconscious mind to do it automatically.”

An educator at the time, she was perhaps better prepared than most to make a positive change; Casey was able to apply her techniques in the classroom. After almost a dozen years, belief re-patterning evolved into what she uses consistently with adult clients in her personal practice and offers on her weekly Internet radio program and now in this book.

If you’ve ever grappled with personal doubt or inertia in your life, you know that circumventing years or even a lifetime of conditioned belief is a complex process. In the preface of the book, Casey compares the process to approaching an exit ramp, but staying stuck in long-held fears that won’t allow your mind even to consider exiting. “Beliefs gather in layers,” she writes. Casey recounts an exercise with one client that ended up uncovering five separate emotions, each holding that individual back. Belief re-patterning is ultimately designed to gently remove those layers of beliefs and create a foundation of new supporting beliefs that assist you in moving past fear and other emotions.

With an abundance of practical (and often personal) examples, plus well-defined techniques to practice throughout, the book walks readers through Casey’s steps to making this process successful and lasting. Like a motivational speaker in print form, the book finishes by reminding you of what you have already read and what you need to do as you move forward. There are even more resources provided for furthering re-patterning.

Casey references Louise Hay early on in the book, specifically her enduring classic You Can Heal Your Life. Hay House, the publishing group that Oprah Winfrey has long been a fan and promoter of, is “Hay Home” to enduring authors such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Esther and Jerry Hicks and medium Sylvia Browne. Casey joins the ranks of those writers with Belief Re-patterning, continuing Hay’s mission to enlighten people and improve their lives.

In a recent interview with Casey, I mentioned the seemingly congested— although nonetheless fine—company this book falls into: The Law of Attraction, The Magic Of Thinking Big and arguably the granddaddy of them all, The Power Of Positive Thinking. You will certainly see familiar words from those books in hers: forgiveness, choice, possibilities. She was quick to acknowledge those great manuals and was thankful to be considered in that company.

In Casey’s case, it was the intersection of seemingly disconnected circumstances that inspired the educator to compile a comprehensive manual for “flipping the switch” from self-defeating negative thoughts to “positive thinking auto-pilot.”

Dan St.Yves interviews authors, actors, musicians and more for his podcast series. His writing appears in major market newspapers and he writes a monthly national magazine column for the Canadian real estate industry.

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