The Ticket

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by Sean Liv
Reviewed by D B Ryder

Sean Liv’s, The Ticket is a refreshing take on the countless diet fads and programs that have saturated the weight-loss industry over the years.

In this first book, she offers up a 13-week program that can be customized for any fitness level and can all be done without a gym membership or purchasing any additional equipment. She even provides some healthy recipes to help you get started on a healthier diet and showcases a couple of success stories to inspire the timid. For those of us who are all too familiar with the latest and greatest weight-loss programs to hit the market, this may sound pretty familiar and a bit “old hat.” So what, you ask, is so refreshing about that?

Very quickly, you discover that The Ticket isn’t so much a weight-loss book as it is a self-improvement book. It was clearly written for those of us who have excitedly and optimistically begun a new diet or workout regimen only to have it fizzle out a few weeks or months down the road. This book challenges you to explore your own thought processes, habits, self-doubts and lingering emotional hang-ups in an effort to understand how they may be hindering your success. Her holistic approach to self-improvement is focused on helping the reader to understand the inter-connection between the body, mind and spirit. It is this understanding, she informs us, that will assist in finding inner strength and permanently overcome the obstacles that have kept so many of us from achieving our goals.

Liv’s philosophy is a message born of her own personal experiences. In this book, she shares her personal struggle with yo-yo weight-loss before undergoing her own physical transformation of losing 90 pounds. She also talks about experiencing the inner fragility that can be almost paralyzing when embarking on personal goals and dreams. She writes with such honesty that you crave a bit more of her story, knowing that you’re just touching the surface of her personal journey toward finding inner strength. And there is no doubt that she has found that strength. There is a definite awareness and confidence that comes through in the narrative of the book.

The Ticket makes it difficult not to join Liv in the belief that a willingness to take a clear and honest look at your life can bring about positive changes beyond weight-loss. This holistic philosophy is plainly stated and woven throughout the book, but thankfully, is not delivered in a way that makes you feel as if you need to be sitting deeply in meditation pose to receive its full benefit. Instead, The Ticket is filled with easy-to-follow exercises, healthy recipes, shopping tips and practical advice. Anyone who is willing can use these tools to transform their lives – beginning with their bodies.

This book is a must have for anyone ready to make positive life changes that stick.

D B Ryder is a Calgary freelance writer.

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    • You can get it at any Chapters or Indigo or online. It is also a ebook so you can order is almost everywhere! Thank you for the inquiry.

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